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What is “the best diet in the world”?

By The Editorial Board Jan. 29, 2021, 7:35 PM For eight consecutive years, the “DASH” diet has been voted “best diet in the world” by US News & World Report magazine. But what exactly is it? We explain everything to you.What is the DASH diet? This diet, also called the Dietary Approach to Stopping Hypertension (or diet against hypertension in French) was created by the American National Health Institute with the sole initial goal of reducing hypertension. What does it consist on ? It’s not just a food guide, it also helps you lose weight. It is also thanks to weight loss that hypertension decreases. Its advantage is that it can be followed over long periods of time, you just have to adapt it to your lifestyle. It is also particularly good for people with diabetes, since the basis of this diet is a diet low in saturated fat. What can we eat? The DASH diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet. We can therefore eat whole grains every day and with each meal, but in small quantities. It is also necessary to limit the sugar and especially to avoid the added sugars, one can thus for example, consume a little honey. We also eat so-called lean meats such as turkey or chicken. You can also choose fish, cooked with as little fat as possible. Moreover, in terms of fat, we especially favor oils such as olive or rapeseed. For fruits and vegetables, the doctors who developed this diet advise 5 servings per day and limit dairy products to 3 per day (and if possible, semi-skimmed). To find diet-friendly recipe ideas it’s here! (in English)