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What is the best diet? 7 diets scrutinized

What is the best diet? Is there really a diet that can be considered the best diet there is? It’s not just about which diet sheds the most weight. A diet should also be healthy. If the authors of the diet books are to be believed, all have discovered the best diet in the world. How to see clearly in all this? We can’t tell you which diet is best for you. The best diet for one person may not be right for another. It depends in particular on your preferences. You can form an opinion by comparing the characteristics of different plans. This article is here to help you. Below are the main features of today’s most popular diets, along with their pros and cons. Low Carbohydrate Diet As the name suggests, this diet is based on limiting carbohydrate intake. However, a distinction must be made between the different types of carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates are especially present in foods of plant origin. In processed foods, carbohydrates are often added in the form of added sugars and starch. The low-carbohydrate diet is based on limiting so-called simple carbohydrates. These are found for example in sodas (especially in light products), and sugar. Complex carbohydrates are found in fruits and vegetables. Are You Making These Avoidable Mistakes That Slow Weight Loss? Take the test and discover your “slimming IQ”. What are the benefits of the low carb diet? When you reduce your intake of carbohydrates, the body makes up for this deficit by burning body fat. Thanks to the nature of the foods allowed, we are less tempted to snack between meals. This is because blood sugar remains stable. A low-carb diet offers a variety of easy-to-prepare meals. Another benefit is that this diet promotes a healthy gut flora. What are the disadvantages of the low carb diet? A low carbohydrate diet is not completely without risks. Strictly observed, this diet can cause a lack of certain essential nutrients essential to the body. In particular, there is a risk of calcium, vitamin C and fiber deficiency. Recipes designed for this diet are often too high in protein, which can be dangerous for the kidneys. Additionally, this diet pays too little attention to saturated fat. Low-calorie diet A low-calorie diet is based exclusively on the caloric intake of food. Such a diet usually does not provide enough calories. The idea is that the body must compensate by burning fat in order to get the energy it needs. This type of diet prescribes a feeding regimen to be observed as strictly as possible. If you don’t like a food on the menu, you can replace it with something else with a similar caloric value. Do you want an example of a slimming menu, along with the recipes and the shopping list? Click here and I’ll send it to you for free. What are the benefits of the low calorie diet? Strictly observed, this diet leads to rapid weight loss. The menus are often varied and aim to include all the foods the body needs. You don’t need to count calories. You just need to follow the prescribed menu. What are the disadvantages of the low calorie diet? A low calorie diet is a drastic diet. You will lose a lot of pounds from the start, but as soon as you resume a “normal” diet, the pounds will come back at a gallop. We often hear the objection that such a diet runs the risk of deficiencies in essential nutrients. In particular, you could be lacking in minerals and vitamins. If you follow the recipes to the letter, a low calorie diet can also be expensive. Paleo diet Paleo is not a diet. We will talk more about lifestyle. The term “paleo” corresponds to “paleolithic regime”. It consists of eating the way our ancestors ate. This is about the diet of human beings at least 10,000 years ago. It’s about turning to natural foods. Processed foods are excluded in favor of foods from nature. Warning ! Followers of the paleo diet are diehard. For example, the following foods are excluded: Cereals Salt Dairy products Beans What are the benefits of the Paleo diet? The paleo diet cuts out processed foods. These foods are high in refined carbohydrates and hidden sugars. Your health will benefit and you will feel healthier. Do you suffer from a food allergy? The Paleo Diet might just be the best diet for you! Food allergies are often caused by substances added to products, to increase their shelf life or to give them the desired color, for example. What are the disadvantages of the paleo diet? The paleo diet can lead to a deficiency of certain nutrients. For example, grains and dairy products are excluded from the diet or only found in very small amounts. Another drawback is the amount of red meat. The bad fats in this meat increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The paleo diet also excludes sugars. This lack of sugars is not bad for the body, but can make this diet difficult. Finally, this is not a cheap diet. Rapid Metabolism Diet This diet consists of fooling the body. It is about consuming different types of food in order to force your body to adapt to them. The body has to work harder and therefore burns more energy. What’s unique about this diet is that sometimes you will need to eat more than you normally would. This diet is to be followed for 28 days. What Are the Benefits of the Fast Metabolism Diet? People who follow this diet eat enough and therefore are not hungry between meals. It is a varied diet that emphasizes healthy foods. You are providing your body with all the nutrients it needs. Seriously followed, it will allow you to lose 10 pounds in 28 days. What are the disadvantages of the fast metabolism diet? This diet is not easy to follow. It is necessary to observe the eating plan rigorously in order to constantly surprise your body. This is not a diet that you follow for a few days to lose a few pounds. It is a plan that requires total investment. Eating out is out of the question for the duration of the diet. South Beach Diet The South Beach diet consists of consuming only good carbohydrates (found in fruits and vegetables) and good fats (found in salmon and nuts). This diet is divided into three phases. During the first phase, in particular, you do not eat bread and potatoes. This is the strictest phase of the diet. During the second phase, you can resume consuming foods rich in carbohydrates. In the last phase, the learning period is over and you should continue to observe the eating pattern of the first two phases. What Are the Benefits of the South Beach Diet? This diet has the advantage of taking into account the nutritional qualities of foods. The absence of products containing added sugar helps to limit fatigue. The South Beach Diet allows you to eat until you feel full. So you won’t be hungry between meals. When you have reached your ideal weight, you can continue to observe the eating habits you have learned. What are the downsides of the South Beach Diet? The South Beach diet is not the best diet in terms of feasibility, especially during the first few weeks. You may feel tired and nauseous. The prescribed diet is very rich in protein. In extreme cases, it can lead to kidney failure. The average diet is deficient in fiber and vitamin A. Cambrigde diet The Cambridge diet is a low calorie diet. You don’t need to count your calories, however, as your diet consists of bars, soups and shakes. The body is forced to burn fat for energy. We start with very few calories per day and then gradually increase. What are the benefits of the Cambridge diet? This is a quick way to lose lots of pounds. You should not follow a diet or count your calories. You just need to stick to the prescribed foods. You don’t need to cook complicated meals or prepare multiple meals because other family members are not following the diet. What are the disadvantages of the Cambridge diet? It is a difficult diet to follow, especially during the first few weeks. Indeed, the calorie intake is far too low, which leads to a lack of energy. This diet is therefore difficult to combine with intensive sports practice. Also, this is an expensive diet, which will cost you around $ 50 per week. You will not always feel your best during this diet. What’s the best diet for you? All diets have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. A given diet will be fine for some people and will be untenable for others. Which diet do you think is the best? Let us know about your experience in the comments below! Lose extra pounds and belly fat fast with easy weight loss recipes Did you know that research shows that dieting causes weight gain in 1 in 3 people? (source) This is why I developed an easy-to-maintain weight loss method that avoids any yoyo effect. You will discover delicious recipes, designed to lose weight quickly and durably. 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