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Losing your extra pounds and successfully stabilizing your weight is not easy. But among all the slimming diets in vogue, there is Weight Watchers, a famous diet that is gaining more and more followers. Weight Watchers is a low-calorie diet that combines healthy, balanced meals with support from others. Something new … However, if you don’t want to bother with a diet that can be complicated to follow, you will find more details HERE on a new slimming program. A friend to whom I advised it lost 8kg in just 2 weeks! These are very good results. So if you also want to try it you will find more info by clicking HERE. The principle of the Weight Watchers diet is quite simple in itself and very interesting. Indeed, with this diet no food is prohibited and its principle is to lose weight and meet other followers of this diet in order to support each other, measure their progress and assess their progress. Want to know more ? Discover without further delay our opinion on Weight Watchers! Weight Watchers, a zero-prohibited diet Unlike the 800 and 1,200 calorie diet, the Weight Watchers diet is not difficult to follow, provided of course that you are motivated and stick to it until the end. . Weight Watchers is not a restrictive program, but rather a low calorie diet whose goal is to change bad eating habits. With this diet, you can eat whatever makes you happy during the day, as long as you eat balanced, healthy and without excess. With Weight Watchers, all you need to do is calculate your points. Explanation of the different principles of Weight Watchers As indicated in the previous paragraph, Weight Watchers is based on a point calculation system, but not only. Here is a quick overview of the different principles of this diet. The Weight Watchers Point System This Weight Watchers point system is very useful and practical. With the latter, each food represents a certain number of points. Thanks to this system, each person can calculate their points without ever exceeding their quota. This calculation of points requires users to eat in reasonable proportions in order to limit excess. => The number of points not to be exceeded is fixed during each meeting according to the person’s age, height, sex, weight…. Over time, this quota is revised downwards or upwards. Note: points are awarded to each food according to its nutritional values. These points take into account carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and fats. Weight Watchers obviously provides you with a table listing all the points by food. Weight Watchers Meetings The Weight Watchers program can be tracked in a number of ways, but the most common is WW meetings. These take place once a week in the big cities of France and have a specific objective: to support you and ensure that your program is properly followed. During these meetings, a qualified counselor answers all your questions and encourages you to continue with your diet. In general, this counselor has followed the Weight Watchers program herself. An advantageous point, because the latter can thus understand what you feel, the possible frustrations which can appear… Due to her own experience, she can thus give you the solutions and the keys to move forward and solve your possible problems. Experience sharing is also on the agenda. The Weight Watchers program In addition to the meetings organized, you also have access to the Weight Watchers program on the internet. This feature is very interesting and allows you to know your number of points according to the foods consumed, to access recipes adapted to your diet and many more! A Weight Watchers application has also been developed to follow you in your diet throughout the day. Note: to access the application and to enjoy unlimited access to the program on the internet as well as to meetings, you must take out a subscription (Pass Lib offer). Weight Watchers: what is its interest? The main goal of Weight Watchers is to help you lose weight, but also to teach you how to adopt good eating habits. This requires the consumption of low-fat and satiating foods. With Weight Watchers, snacking between meals is also to be banned. The main rules of Weight Watchers can be summarized as follows: Eat low-calorie and satiating foods such as vegetables, fruits, low-fat meats… Consume vitamins and oils rich in good nutrients and good for health. Practice regular physical activity. To help you shed your extra pounds, Weight Watchers also offers suitable cookbooks, ready meals, an online coach that gives you very effective physical exercises to lose weight. See also: the best fat burners. Weight Watchers: ideal for long term weight loss? With Weight Watchers, losing weight over the long term is absolutely possible. Indeed, you can eat anything and have fun. So you are never frustrated and your body is never lacking in nutrients. Dietary deficiencies can thus be avoided with Weight Watchers. As soon as you have reached your weight, you will enter a phase known as “stabilization”. You will be able to earn additional points and benefit from follow-up from your advisor. As soon as this phase is completed, you will be considered a gold member. This will mark the end of your program. However, you will be able to attend meetings for life. Weight Watchers diet: what foods to eat and what to avoid? With the Weight Watchers diet, most foods are allowed: fruits, vegetables, starchy foods, meats, fish, etc. None are prohibited. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid sugary drinks, fatty foods (crisps, fried foods, etc.) and alcohol. Weight Watchers review: the pros and cons of this diet In this Weight Watchers review, it is essential to list the strengths and weaknesses of this diet. Its advantages Rather rapid weight loss: by following your diet correctly, you will lose weight quickly enough. No food is prohibited, but their consumption must be reasonable. You can indulge yourself while eating in reasonable amounts. Varied and balanced diet. Useful meetings that allow you to feel supported, receive valuable advice and be supported throughout your slimming program. Long-term weight loss because you can eat anything. This diet is therefore easy to follow, because you are not frustrated. Individual interview possible to feel listened to and supported. Its disadvantages Joining the group spirit may not be obvious to some people. Particularly if you are shy by nature, attending meetings can be difficult at first. The notion of “low calorie diet” can slow down some people, because they immediately think of deprivation. Determination necessary (but like the majority of regimes) to be able to continue it over time. Weight Watchers review: what’s my general opinion? In my opinion, the Weight Watchers diet is very interesting for people who want to lose weight without depriving themselves. The meetings are also very pleasant, because they allow to benefit from a follow-up and to make nice meetings. This allows you to be more motivated! With Weight Watchers, losing weight becomes easier and stabilizing your weight at the end of the program is quite possible thanks to food rebalancing. In short, the Weight Watchers diet is an interesting solution if you want to lose weight quickly, as long as you are determined and rigorous. Thanks to this diet, you can adopt good eating habits and be supported throughout your program. This is essential to stay motivated over time! With Weight Watchers, you can also indulge yourself while losing weight! Indeed, there are no prohibitions. All you have to do is stick to your daily points quota and never exceed it. If you follow it scrupulously, you will quickly notice a change in your figure! User reviews This Weight Watchers review ends with a few testimonials from people who have followed this slimming program: “The weight wtachers program allowed me to lose 10 pounds without much effort. I only took the digital version but for my part that was more than enough for me. The counting of points is very simple, the atmosphere on “connect” is good-natured and allows you to get a lot of advice from other users as well as recipe ideas. »(Fanny R)« I had already tested ww a few years ago. I had already enjoyed this experience. I wanted to redo a test. The application is great, super practical, very fast. There are also recipes and you can create them. Super practical. We share our motivates. There is the weight tracking which is very convenient. »(Perrine B) For other testimonials, go to the official Weight Watchers website where several people give you their feedback.