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Nature AZ is an organic online herbalist dedicated to the benefits of plants. It was founded at the end of 2017 by a pharmacist based in Montpellier with the desire to offer new ways of taking care of yourself and to return to the benefits and powers of medicinal plants. L’herboristerie is a family-sized business that directly packages the plants in bags in its clean room in Montpellier. We are convinced of the power of plants. This is why we wanted to develop this online herbalist shop which advocates values ​​of respect. Respect for one’s health by consuming more natural and vegetable products. Listening to your body by taking care of yourself and being attentive to the weak signals that the body sends us to alert us. The preservation of its well-being capital of course, but also of our planet which involves returning to the essential and to a more traditional medicine. Here are the values ​​advocated by Nature AZ herbalism and that we strive to implement on a daily basis: her An online herbalist shop founded by a pharmacist in Montpellier, France πŸ’šCΓ©dric O’neill has been a doctor in pharmacy since 2012. He is also graduated from the Faculty of Montpellier in phytotherapy and aromatherapy. The seriousness of its training is an asset to provide the correct advice on the careful use and rigorous selection of the plant according to the symptoms and the patient’s pathology. This quality approach is essential to optimally use the benefits and virtues of plants. It was following his training and an awareness of a necessary slowdown towards more listening to his environment, that he decided to create the Nature AZ herbalism and to become attached to plant producers. Herbalist also provides advice on how to make some of its preparations yourself, and thus support people towards quality and easy-to-use care.πŸ’š An online herbalism with strong values β€‹β€‹πŸ’š Our will by focusing on herbal medicine and aromatherapy is to offer you the widest choice of herbal products by developing a wide range of natural, skincare and organic products, ranging from sleep disorders, to joints, or even transit digestion, allergies and fertility sexuality. We are also working on a range of food supplements for animals. We are a small, agile structure that listens to your needs and your feedback on our products, which is why we are always interested in the benevolent feedback you can have on each of our plants. Any remark is good to take to improve. We are therefore very attentive to the quality of our products and their origin. We try to develop a range of natural organic products when possible.🌿 Food supplements and medicinal plants 🌿 Herbalist sells herbal teas, natural plant herbs, essential oils, vegetable oils, macerates, floral waters , teas and herbal teas, bulk medicinal plants for infusions. Among all these phytotherapy, aromatherapy and gemmotherapy products, we specifically develop ranges to meet all the needs you may have. Our products allow you to benefit from the virtues and natural benefits of plants which have been known for millennia. We want to develop a range of products related to nature that promotes general well-being, which is why we have slimming products to lose weight or regulate your blood sugar level, aphrodisiac food supplements for libido , natural products for bodybuilding, against stress, fatigue to regain better sleep, depression with 5-HTP and vegetable oils such as hemp oil rich in omega, plant powders to improve joint pain . In slimming, we offer for example an extract of raspberry ketones or Garcinia Cambogia which both act as a natural fat burner and which will naturally help you to better manage your diet.πŸƒ A requirement of quality comparable to the pharmacy πŸƒThe The quality requirements of our herbalism are comparable to the pharmacy and allow us to offer pure products, GMO-free, gluten-free for the majority of products and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. And this at very moderate prices. Each plant is organoleptically controlled by the responsible pharmacist to validate and control its quality with bulk bagging.In conclusion, health for you, for your loved ones, requires the best
products, those that will give you good results to prevent and relieve naturally. Our online herbalism is committed to this by offering products that meet the most demanding quality labels.πŸƒ An organic online herbalism πŸƒOur online herbalism and our product range will remain organic as much as possible. Plants, oils, herbal teas, roots of plants in powder, etc … Certain products, and in particular medicinal plants of Chinese medicine are very difficult to find in organic, but we do the maximum to guarantee a high level of quality even on non-organic products. A cheap online herbalism? πŸƒWe manufacture and market our own products ourselves. The fact of mastering the entire production chain allows us to reduce our prices and to offer you very affordable products at fair prices. Then we offer herbs and herbal powder in bulk to further reduce the price. The fact of not having the step of placing in capsules allows in fact big savings in terms of cost. So we can say that we are a cheap and quality online herbalist shop with plants from local producers, easy to use and which meet all needs. Can we find our herbalist in physical store? πŸ’š We really have at heart to offer our products in physical stores. We want to open a physical herbalist soon in Montpellier and then other herbalists in France and Belgium to present all the product choice we have. It will also be an opportunity to set up courses and training around our products and the benefits of medicinal plants. This project should see the light of day in 2021. In the meantime, we will stay online πŸ˜‰