Healthy Diet

Here is the perfect diet for our health and that of the planet

By 2050, we will be 10 billion human beings, and as many mouths to feed. To deal with this problem, specialists explain in a report co-produced by the medical journal The Lancet and the NGO Fondation EAT what would be, according to them, the ideal diet for man and the planet. “Food is the most powerful lever for optimizing human health and environmental sustainability on Earth”, but it “threatens both people and the planet today”, reads the preamble. 14 grams of red meat The idea here is to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables while reducing in priority red meat and industrial sugar. On average, you should eat each day: 300 grams of vegetables, 200 grams of fruit, 200 grams of whole seeds (rice, wheat, corn, etc.), 250 grams of whole milk (or equivalent, such as cheese) and 14 grams of red meat. To compensate for the drastic reduction in red meat, proteins could come from the consumption of poultry (29 g), fish (28 g), eggs (13 g) and nuts of all kinds (pecans, Brazil …) (50 g). It is also recommended to focus on legumes (beans, split peas, lentils…) and to avoid highly processed foods. “This does not mean that the world’s population should eat exactly the same set of foods,” say the specialists, who suggest local adaptations according to culture, geography and demography. Avoid around “11 million premature deaths per year” Such a regime would prevent around 11 million premature deaths per year in the world. “Unhealthy diets today present a greater risk of death than unprotected sex, alcohol, drugs and tobacco combined,” recall the authors of the report, which mobilized 37 experts from 16 countries for three years. “Global food production threatens climate stability and the resilience of ecosystems and is the main factor in environmental degradation and the transgression of planetary borders,” they add. Finally, it should be noted that these recommendations are similar to the Mediterranean diet, ranked very recently and for the second time in a row as the best diet to follow by the US News & World Report. The Mediterranean diet, which is based on the consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables, fish and cooking with olive oil, allows you to lose weight without suffering from dietary deficiencies (meat and dairy products are little consumed there). It has other health benefits, including reducing the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. Combined with regular physical activity, it maximizes the chances of a long and healthy life.