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Diabetes: What Is the Best Diet According to Experts? : Current Woman The MAG

Every year, the American magazine US News & World Report sifts through all known diets to establish a ranking. This is the ranking of the best diets first identified by a team of journalists, medical journals, supporting government reports and then submitted to a panel of food, nutrition, and health experts. obesity, food psychology, diabetes and heart disease. In 2019, the DASH diet took the top spot. This year, the Mediterranean diet takes the lead of the podium, but DASH remains the one recommended by experts for diabetics. What is the DASH diet? DASH diet, quésaco? Developed in the late 1990s to prevent high blood pressure, the Dash diet has since been refined to become the “Dash Eating Plan”: a program recommended in the United States by the National Institute of Health for weight loss. weight and protect against cardiovascular disease. In fact, the Dash diet is inspired by the diet of vegetarians. It emphasizes fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grain products (wholemeal, bran, rye, cereal, brown rice, semi-complete pasta, etc.). This diet also relies on skimmed or semi-skimmed dairy products. Red meat is not recommended. It is better to opt for poultry or fish, and at least twice a week these foods are replaced by a vegetarian dish made from eggs or pulses. Alcohol should also be limited. Just like ready-made meals, soups and industrial sauces. Another command: keep the salt shaker at a distance. The promises of this regime? Weight loss, lower cholesterol and protection against cardiovascular disease. Who Said It’s Only Good For Diabetics? Certainly not us. Also read: ⋙ Diet and fake sugars: why choosing sweeteners is a very bad idea Is the Dash diet right for me? ⋙ High blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol … how to enjoy the holidays all preserving his health